Last year, I cooperated with several other students at my music academy to write the music for a small local musical called “Dating - a musical for the highly educated” (a supposedly ironic, yet pretentious title I’m less than fond of, honestly). Being slightly unsatisfied with the end-result of my own compositions, I’ve since started rearranging them. I intend to describe the process in this... Continue →

Note: currently on hold due my upcoming exams. Priorities! In order to up my Japanese pronunciation and become more fluent in Japanese text recitation, I’ve tried getting acquainted with vlogging in Japanese. I’ll (hopefully) publish weekly videos of myself narrating a newly posted news article published on one of the mainstream Japanese newspaper websites, using a classic streaming-style... Continue →

I have recently started studying Korean as part of the minor I took up at my university. While browsing the internet for helpful resources I found that, like us, a remarkable amount of students of the Korean language have knowledge of Japanese and/or study both simultaneously. As anyone browsing my blog might have guessed, I’m pretty fond of using Anki for assisting in vocab acquisition, and... Continue →

2021 Update As of September 30, 2020, Sanseido stopped their web dictionary service. This tutorial is thus rendered obsolete. Kokugo Jiten Online seems like a good alternative. I’ll look into updating the Sanseido add-on to use the above instead. You’ve been studying Japanese for a while now and reached a level of Japanese adequate enough to understand (simple) texts. Drilling new vocabulary... Continue →

With the academic school year rapidly approaching, we decided on a short last-minute trip abroad and booked tickets to Romania. We spent spent a week,traveling through the historic region of Transylvania, commonly associated with vampire folklore, and situated between the imposing Carpathian mountains. A rich history, ranging from a feudal agricultural culture to a post-war communist regime... Continue →

So you’ve followed my previous tutorial and set up this wonderful environment for creating vocabulary cards with audio and furigana based on all kinds of Japanese text you find online. Yet, while studying your new set, you feel this nagging feeling deep down inside… There’s something missing, still… “Hm, could it be…?”, you ponder quietly. Yes. You need Japanese example sentences for providing... Continue →

Zoals velen in mijn richting ontstond mijn interesse in Japan al op jonge leeftijd onder invloed van het zogenaamde Cool Japan: de globale verspreiding van Japanse popcultuur (muziek, televisie, games, …) die sinds de jaren ‘80 geleidelijk aan begon door te sijpelen in ook onze nationale media. Het zou, zo blijkt, zelfs een interesse worden die zodanig groeide dat ik er jaren later mijn... Continue →

UPDATE 2018~: Rikaisama has been rendered obsolete since 2018 updates broke Firefox’ support of unsigned XUL-based add-ons. Nevertheless, this guide can still prove useful in two ways: further use of Rikaisama through XUL-supporting Firefox-derivatives such as Waterfox, Pale Moon and Basilisk, as well as the list of applications for Browser/Anki-integration listed in the second half of this... Continue →

Those who know me well might accuse me of preaching popular memorization tool Anki as a revolution in studying, and they wouldn’t be that far off. Over the past year I have extensively integrated this software in my studies, with (to me personally) remarkable results in both productivity and academic grades. There are, however, some pitfalls for the casual user to take heed of, and getting the... Continue →

Due to my studies I (will) often use Japanese in my blog. As I gave some thought to typography and readability, I found the default appearance of Japanese text to be in stark contrast with the rest of my design. To target specifically Japanese text, I wrote a small Markdown-Python extension for use in static blog generators as Jekyll and Pelican (or pretty much anything that utilizes... Continue →